Dr.G.K.Dhas - Founder & Managing Trustee:

G.K.Dhas A dedicated social activist striving for the upliftment of the society. He is the founder of the trust founded in the year 1997, the year in which Mother Teresa died. His vision is to have a casteless society with freedom and equality.

    Mr. A.Xavier - Trustee:

G.K.Dhas A devoted personality, to the cause of downtrodden in the society. He was an academician and one of the founders of the trust. He is a writer who contributes articles through innovative thoughts and ideas for a change in the society.

    Dr. C.Vijayakumar - Trustee:

G.K.Dhas A philanthropist and a dedicated personality, upholds the high principles of love and service to the society. He involves himself in the activities of the trust and motivates the younger generation to render their helping hand to the needy.

    Mr.B.V.Selvaraj IAS (Rtd) - Adviser:

G.K.Dhas A highly learned, Indian Administrative Service (IAS) personality who recently retired from service and joined the trust to carry out the message of love & service envisaged by the greate Mother Teresa to the universe. He is a poet, writes lots of poetry on humanity, nature and so on. He is a man of wisdom and honesty.

    Dr.Ruby.R.Manoharan - Adviser:

G.K.Dhas AA dedicated philanthropist with good background. He is in the service of humanity in various fields. He is heading several social organizations. Inspired by the service of the great saint Mother Teresa he willingly joined with the trust, to carry out the mantle of service to humanity.
Our Vision
To grow as a dynamic catalyst, influencing policies and actions at all levels to safe guard the downtrodden in the society and promote sustainable developments.
To promote active membership, thereby motivating them to render service to the society.
Improve the network and expand it to the dedicated youth and philanthropists in the society.
Enhance regional and global communication network to benefice the common people.
Support the effective access provided by Govt. towards local communities and assist them.
Support eradication of child labour, lend a helping hand to the elderly, poverty alleviation and self support to the unemployed etc.
Our Mission
Assists Poverty alleviation through Government and Non-governmental projects & schemes.
By enabling the source of informations, MTCT seeks working together with other agencies to achieve sustainable development by sharing vision, knowledge, skills and resources.
Promote socio economic upliftment for the underprivileged and downtrodden through Education, Shelter and Housing.
Create awareness of Ignorance about Hygiene, Drug abuse, Alcohol, HIV / AIDS & Tuberculosis.
Supports Green revolution, White revolution.
Works to create awareness on discrimination of Caste, Community, Religion and Gender.
Promote sports and Youth program.
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