Trust Board

A trustee is a person who is allowed to do certain tasks but not able to gain income on the board of trustees of an institution that operates for a charity, for the benefit of the general public, A trustee is bound to act in accordance with the terms of the trusts upon which he or she holds trust property. The trustee must act impartially between individual beneficiaries as well as between different classes of beneficiaries, be loyal and administer in the best interest of the beneficiaries. Trust is like a mirror. Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair. Trust starts with truth and ends with truth. MTCT is having three members in its trust Board, one Managing trustee and two more Trustees.

Founder & Managing Trustee


The Managing trustee, Dr. G.K. Dhas, a social activist is the founder of the Trust. The mammoth crowd that followed the adieu procession of Mother Teresa on the 5th of September 1997 inspired him to take up the challenge of working for the poor with a motto of “Service to Mankind is Service to God”


Mr. A.Xavier

The Trustee Mr.A.Xavier an academician is also the co-founder of the trust who dedicates himself for the cause of the underprivileged in the society. He is a writer who contributes articles through innovative thoughts and ideas for a change in the society.


Dr. C.Vijayakumar

Another trustee Mr.C.vijayakumar is a philanthropist and a dedicated personality, upholds the high principles of love and service to the society. He involves himself in the activities of the trust and motivates the younger generation to render their helping hands to the needy.